The Croatian-Serbian film Uncle, in which the famous Serbian actor Predrag Miki Manojlović plays the title role, has received a special recognition award by the jury of the new competition program “Proxima” at the 56th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. As the members of that jury pointed out in their explanation, the film is a “disturbing debut that balances on the edge between grotesque and thriller”.

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The directors and screenwriters of Uncle are debutants Andrija Mardešić and David Kapac, and the director of photography is Miloš Jaćimović, a Serbian cinematographer known for his contribution to the award-winning Serbian films Tilva Roš and Oasis. The producers of the film are Ivan Kelava and Tomislav Vujić (Eclectica, Croatia), and the co-producer is Milan Stojanović (Sense Production, Serbia).

Ekipa filma „Stric“ na festivalu u Karlovim Varima (Foto Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary)

In addition to Manojlović, the film stars Goran Bogdan and Ivana Roščić, and in the description on the official website of Karlovy Vary, the film is described as a “disturbing production in the style of Haneke, which skillfully balances between farce and thriller, while ingeniously playing with the narrative structure”.

The film Uncle was supported at the competition by Film Center Serbia for minority co-productions, and will be shown at the upcoming 29th Palić European Film Festival as part of the competition program “Parallels and Collisions”.