One of the 60 projects selected for this year’s IDFA Forum, the celebrated co-production market of Europe’s most important documentary film documentary festival IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), is a documentary by Srđan Keča The Revolution Museum. This project, which was recently supported by both the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the Czech Film Fund, is being developed with the support of the Film Center Serbia.

While living in the remnants of an abandoned utopian project in Belgrade, a girl and an old woman become unusual friends. When major changes begin to take place in the city and the area in which they reside, they will have to part ways.

The film is produced by the film company CAUSE, and co-produced by Restart from Zagreb and nutprodukce from Prague. The producers are Vanja Jambrović and Srđan Keča. The film was supported by  Film Center of Serbia, having previously won the East Doc Forum Grand Prix in Prague in 2019, as well as the HBO Europe Award at ZagrebDox Pro 2019.

Srđan Keča is the author of two noted and award-winning documentaries Mirage (2011) and Letters to  Father (2011). The IDFA Festival will be held from November 20th to December 1st this year.