By the decision of the expert jury, the Golden Antigone Award in the feature film competition of the 41st Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival was won by the Serbian film Stitches, directed by Miroslav Terzić. The jury awarded this film ex aequo with the Italian-Polish film Sole.

This Serbian film was also produced with the support of Film Center Serbia, as a co-production  with Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The film was screened at the Berlin Film Festival in the official Panorama program, where it won two awards – the award for best European film in that selection and a the audience award. At the Belgrade FEST, Snežana Bogdanović was awarded for her role as Ana , while the film as a whole won both the FIPRESCI jury award and the Nebojša Djukelić Award. The film then continued its remarkable festival run across Serbia, the region and the whole world, and was shown in theaters in Serbia.

Stitches, a story with elements of thrillers and melodrama, deals with the topic of newborn babies missing from Belgrade hospitals. There are babies who have been declared dead for years, and according to the testimonies of hundreds of parents, were actually sold for adoption. The script for the film is inspired by the testimony of one of the mothers, a Belgrade seamstress, who believes her child was abducted more than twenty years ago. This mother has spent years in courts and municipalities trying to prove her suspicion and believes that after twenty years of searching and fighting, she has been able to find her missing son, a young man of twenty who lives with his new family in the vicinity of Belgrade.