The 47th edition of the Vrnjačka Banja Film Screenplay Festival will be officially opened on August 12th this year with the screening of the film “Coma” by Petar Jakonić, followed by the world premiere of the thriller “The Silencer” directed by the Milan Nikolić. The members of this year’s jury are director and publicist Saša Radojević, screenwriter Nataša Drakulić, and director and screenwriter Srđan Dragojević, last year’s laureate of the “Golden Feather” award for the best screenplay.

In the running for this year’s awards are “Coma” (directed by Petr Jakonić, who also wrote the screenplay with Vid Basar), “The Silencer” (directed by Goran Nikolić and screenwriter Natalija Musić), “Wolf Berries” (directed by Sreten Jovanović, screenplay by Toda Nikoletić) , “Kristina” (directed by Nikola Spasić, screenplay by Milanka Gvoić), “Who’s Alive, Who’s Dead” (directed by Rada Ćosić, who co-wrote the script with Marko Backović), “Mouth Full of Earth” (directed by Puriša Đorđević, whom also wrote script based on the motifs of the novel of the same name by Branimir Šćepanović), “Have You Seen This Woman?” (directed by Dušan Zorić and Matija Gluščević ), “Where the Road Leads” (director and screenwriter Nina Ognjanović), “Trail of the Beast” (directed by Nenad Pavlović, who also wrote the script with Dimitrje Vojnov and Đorđe Milosavljević), “Dudes: Again!” (directed by Radivoje Raša Andrić, scripted by Srđa Anđelić), “Indigo Crystal” (directed and scripted by Luka Mihailović), “Vera” ( directed by Nedeljko Kovačević, with Kristina Đuković who also wrote the script), “Three” (directed by Petar Pašić, with Katarina Nikolić who also wrote the script), “A Cross in the Desert” (directed by Hadži Aleksandar Đurović, who also wrote the script with Ljiljana Habjanović) and “Boy and Girls” (directed by Ivica Vidanović, screenplay by Rok Radiša).

Out of competition, the film “Storm” by Miloš Radunović will be shown. The public will also have the opportunity to see the feature-length documentary “The Winter of a Spring” by Milan Nikodijević, the story of the legendary cameraman Predrag Pega Popović, and his photograph of the dead Jan Palah, a Prague student who set himself on fire in 1968 in protest against the Soviet military intervention, the only that exists in the world.

This year’s festival also organizes the symposium “Gordan Mihić – Chronicler of the Margins”, the theme of which is dedicated to the work of one of our most important film and television screenwriters. The moderator of the symposium is film critic Dejan Dabić, the introducer is playwright, director and critic Saša Radojević, and the participants are: Milutin Petrović, Ph.D. Vesna Perić, Ph.D. Ljubinka Stojanović, Ivan Velisavljević, Filip Čolović and Velimir Stojanović.

A special program will also be dedicated to the recently deceased screenwriter and director Srđan Koljević (1966 – 2023).

At this year’s edition of the festival, several books published by Film Center of Serbia will also be presented,