The “Days of Serbian Film” festival will take place on Friday and Saturday, November 17th and 18th, at the Caisa Cultural Center in Helsinki. This year’s program will include the following films: Vera by Nedeljko Kovačić, Have You Seen This Woman by Dušan Zorić and Matija Gluščević and How I Learned to Fly by Radivoje Andrić.

As early as Friday, November 17th at 7 PM; film lovers will be able to enjoy the spy thriller Vera. The film is inspired by the true story of Vera Pešić, a quadruple spy from the Second World War, whom some called the “Serbian Mata Hari” in the labyrinth of spy games in the Balkans, from Vienna to Constantinople. The main role was portrayed by Jovana Stojiljković.

On Saturday, November 18th, starting at 2 PM, the youngest audience as well as the older ones will have the opportunity to enjoy the children’s hit How I Learned to Fly. Twelve-year-old Sofia (Klara Hrvanović) from Belgrade fantasizes about camping with her crew and her first kiss. However, she is forced to spend the summer in a dilapidated family house on the Croatian Island of Hvar, with her somewhat busy grandmother Maria (Olga Odanović) and crazy aunt Luca (Snježana Sinovčić). With new friendships, crushes and adventure, Sofija gets her dream vacation, but also much more than she could imagine.

On the same day, at 4 PM, viewers will have the opportunity to watch the drama “Have You Seen This woman” in which, through three different lives, a middle-aged woman tries to “jump out” of her skin. The main role is played by Ksenija Marinković.

Days of Serbian Film in Helsinki, since its establishment in 2011, represent a cultural bridge dedicated to the promotion of Serbian cinematography and culture. The event was founded by the Serbian-Finnish Society and provides a platform for showing various genres of Serbian films, be it documentaries or feature films. In previous years, the program also included talks with the authors after the film screenings, providing a unique opportunity for the audience to better understand each film. Now, as it enters its 11th edition, the Days of Serbian Film in Helsinki remain dedicated to cultural exchange between Serbia and Finland. The mentioned manifestation continues to be a valued platform for the promotion of Serbian cinematography and culture. This event is supported by Film Center of Serbia, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia and the City of Helsinki.