Noted award-winning documentary The Makavejev Case or Trial in the Movie Theater by Goran Radovanović will be screened at the International Rotterdam Film Festival, as a part of  Deep Focus and Regained segments.

The film screenplay is Goran Radovanović (who is also the director) and Boris Trbić. The camera work was by Dragan ĐorđevićAleksandar AngelovskiMiroslav Jakovljević and Radoslav Vladić, and editing by Maja Kokić. The music was composed by Ognjan Milošević. The film was produced by  Nama film and Oktobar film, and supported by Film Center Serbia. The exeutive producer is  Predrag Jakovljević, and the film was produced by Jesenka Jasniger.

A public debate regarding Makavejev’s film took place in 1971 in the hall of the Novi Sad cinema “Arena”, and after the great success of WR: Mysteries of the Organism at the Cannes Festival. Makavejev’s film provoked violent and conflicting reactions in Communist party circles and was not released for distribution in Yugoslav cinemas. The author continued to live and work in the country for a while, but he left shortly thereafter and settled down permanently abroad. WR: Mysteries of the Organism is one of the globally most famous Serbian and Yugoslav films today.