The new project by Ognjen Glavonić receives support from Hubert Bals fund

28. May 2021.

Ognjen Glavonić’s new film project, entitled In the Shadow of the Horns, has received support as part of the Hubert Bals Fund’s spring selection – it was included in a selection of ten projects in the category of screenplay development, receiving 10,000 EUR . Last year, this project was supported at the Film Center Serbia competition for screenplay development.

The film is made under the auspices of the local production company Non-Aligned Films. The producers are Dragana Jovović, Stefan Ivančić and Ognjen Glavonić, and Ognjen Glavonić is in charge of both the script and the direction.

During the last year of high school, Vuk – a metalhead from a small Banat village – tries to record an album with his black metal band while maintaining a shaky friendship with his best friend Igor. Together, they try to deal with the prejudices and condemnations of their environment, a community that hides deep secrets from the past.

Ognjen Glavonić is the author of the notable documentaries Živan Pujić Jimmy, Živan Makes A Punk Festival and Depth Two as well as the segment From Ashes in the October omnibus. After its world premiere in the official program of the Cannes Film Festival in the spring of 2018, his feature film debut, Load, was screened at more than 80 international festivals, winning 25 awards, including those for best film at the Belgrade Film Festival and the Zagreb Film Festival, the award for best director at the Marrakesh Festival, as well as the Heart of Sarajevo for the best actor given to Leon Lučev. In addition, it was purchased for distribution in many countries and regions around the world, including the United States.