Wind, Talk To Me by the screenwriter and director Stefan Đorđević is one of the thirteen film projects selected for the Work in Progress section of the industrial part of the program of this year’s edition of the Les Arcs film festival in France. This event is designed to help projects in post-production find international sales agents and distributors.

A total of 181 projects were submitted, and the selected projects were from 17 different countries, including co-production countries. Stefan Đorđević and producer Dragana Jovović will present this project on December 17th in Les Arcs with an eight-minute insert from the film.

The film tells the deeply personal story of the author about the loss of his mother, as well as how his family copes with the loss of a family member, daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt. That’s why Stefan’s entire family stars in the film, as well as himself and his dog Lia, whom he adopted after his mom passed away. The added value of the film is the documentary material in which we meet his mother. Stefan documented her final summer at Lake Bor, with the intention of showing her struggle, but also her relationship with the world, with her children, and their relationship with her. This film tells a story about those who leave and those who stay, about our relationship with ourselves, about facing and letting go, accepting and releasing.

The film stars Negrica Đorđević, Stefan Đorđević, Boško Đorđević, Đorđe Davidović, Budimir Jovanović, Ljiljana Jovanović, Ana Petrović, Marina Davidović and the dog Lija.

Stefan Đorđević wrote the screenplay and directed, the editor is Dragan von Petrović, the director of photography is Marko Brdar, the stage designer is Dragana Baćović, the set designer is Biljana Grgur, the sound recordist is Bojan Palikuća. The producers of the film are Dragana Jovović, Stefan Đorđević, Ognjen Glavonić and Stefan Ivančić, and the co-producers are Vanja Jambrović, Jožko Rutar and Miha Černec. The executive producer is Savina Smederevac.

The film is a co-production of Serbia (Non-Aligned Films and Katunga), Croatia (Restart) and Slovenia (Spok Film), and is supported by Film Center Serbia, the Media Fund of the European Union, the Slovenian Film Center, the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the Swiss fund Vision Sud Est. The film was shot on locations in Svrljig, Ovčar spa and Lake Bor.