In the official program of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival , the long-awaited comeback film of Mladen Đorđević, The Working Class Goes to Hell, will have its world premiere.

The plot of the film follows a group of former factory workers, recently closed in a dubious privatization, who resort to the supernatural in the fight for justice, personal dignity and existence.

“My fourth feature-length film, like the previous one, deals with people and groups who are pushed to the margins or are there of their own free will. The marginalization actually allows them freedom. The voice of the marginalized and oppressed speaks through this film. I am honored to be part of the iconic selection of Midnight Madness, a very important part of the festival in Toronto. For now we have to hold our meetings at night, but soon we will go out into the light of day”, Đorđević said about his film.

Apart from the director Mladen Đorđević, the crew consists of director of photography Dušan Grubin, editor Lazar Predojev, composer Kalin Nikolov, stage designer Zorana Petrov, costume designer Jelena Đorđević, masker Evi Zafir and sound recordists Momčil Božkov and Nenad Šćiban. Producers are Milan Stojanović (Sense Production), Mladen Đorđević (Banda), Martička Božilova (Agitprop), Maria Drandaki (Homemade Films), Ivan Marinović (Adriatic Western), Ankica Jurić Tilić (Kinorama), Anamaria Antoci (Tangaj Production) and Ivica Vidanović and Nevena Savić (Cinnamon Film).

The main role in the film is played by Tamara Krcunović, and other major roles are played by Leon Lučev, Momo Pićurić, Ivan Đorđević, Lidija Kordić, Mirsad Tuka, Szilvia Krizsan, Olivera Viktorović, Tomislav Trifunović and Dobrila Stojnić.

Serbian audiences will be able to see the film in cinemas in the first half of next year.

The Toronto IFF is one of the most important festivals in the world, alongside festivals in Cannes, Venice, Berlin and the Sundance festival, and it is especially interesting that the film will be screened in the “Midnight Madness” section. It is a section that presents “wild” films that, along with the director’s strong authorial stamp, also have elements of the thriller or horror genre. In previous editions of this festival, this section presented the films of Gaspar Noe, the film Blair Witch Project, and last year’s edition opened the film Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, starring Daniel Radcliffe.

The film “The Working Class Goes to Hell” is the first film from the Balkans in this section. Film Center Serbia supported its creation via its competition program.