Today, on May 9th, 2023, the European Film Academy published a list containing the names of 462 film professionals who became its new members, all of whom will have the right to vote when selecting films to be awarded by the Academy. Among the newly elected members are thirteen representatives fromSerbia, namely:

  1. director Branka Bešević Gajić,
  2. actor Miloš Biković,
  3. actor Adam Davenport,
  4. actor Slaven Došlo,
  5. actress Jasna Đuričić,
  6. director Danilo-Lola Ilić,
  7. actor Boris Isaković,
  8. critic/journalist Tara Karajica,
  9. editor Nenad Pirnat,
  10. producer Iva Plemić Divjak,
  11. director Marta Popivoda,
  12. actress Maja Šuša
  13. producer Čarna Vučinić.

The names of the new members were announced on Europe Day. This is a record number of Serbian filmmakers whose voices, as stated in the official announcement, will strengthen the position of European cinema.