Film Center Serbia has started its own YouTube channel, where visitors can watch various Serbian films, free of charge. At this moment, there are several short films and documentaries uploaded, but the plan is to upload at least one film a day to the channel.

Starting tonight, the following notable and awarded films are available: 

Žicka, a short by Ivan Bukvić,

Only Girls Cry, a short by Vladimir Milovanović,

That’s How We Do It in the East, a documentary by Katarina Mutić,

Transition, a short by Milica Tomović,

Life Lasts Three Days, a short by Katarina Koljević,

Stone in Hand, a short by Stefan Ivančić.

In this moment, the focus is on films that were awarded support by Film Center Serbia, but FCS would like to notify all producers that they can use this youtube channel for placement of their new or older releases.