World festival premiere of ‘New Wave’ on 67/68. March Festival

24. April 2021.

The documentary New Wave – 40 Years Later (Croatia, Serbia / 2021/101 ‘), directed by Nikola Knežević and Olga Kepčija, will have its world festival premiere at this year’s double edition of the March Festival  on 24th of April at 7 pm in the Americana Hall of the Belgrade Youth Center.

Croatia Records, as the record label that has published the largest number of new wave releases, is celebrating 40 years of new wave in Yugoslavia this year. The anniversary is accompanied by a multitude of releases and reissues, and the focus is on four vinyl records, considerd to be the pinnacle of Yugoslav new wave: the first albums by Electric Orgasm and Haustor, the only album of Šarlo Akrobata and Paket Aranžman compilation, which helped usher the new wave in the former Yugoslavia. In cooperation with CMC television, a documentary was made with the participation of a large number of relevant interlocutors, about one of the most brilliant musical periods in the history of our region.

Screenplay: Nikola Knežević

Participants: Srđan Gojković, Zdenko Kolar, Srđan Sacher, Darko Rundek, Vlada Divljan, Dušan Kojić, Siniša Škarica…


Nikola Knežević

He built his career first as a host and DJ, and then as a journalist and music editor. From the local radio in his native Okučani, his radio journey continues in Nova Gradiška, then in Slavonski Brod. In 2017, he founded the music portal Music Box with his friends, where he is the editor-in-chief, music and film critic. At the end of the same year, he became a music editor at the Croatia Records record company.

Olga Kepčija

Journalist, presenter and music editor. At first, she worked at Radio Belgrade 202 as a news journalist, later switching her interests to music: since 2001, she has been editing the show Demo Express and hosting the Hit of the Week. Since 2008 he has been organizing the annual selection of the best domestic and ex-YU rock performers, Rok godišnjak. With Vladimir Janković Jet, she organized over 400 shows and concerts throughout Serbia under the Caravan 202 name. She is one of the founders of the competitive festival for young and non-established rock groups, Demo Masters.